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Paid Advertising for Online Brands

In an increasingly competitive digital age, online brands need ads that sell.

We help online brands scale their revenue via Paid Advertising and Content Marketing Strategies

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Campaign strategy and execution, from planning and budgeting to launch and monitoring across the platforms most suited to your audiences.

Adroit copywriting for effective ad campaigns - including headlines, advert copy and calls to action.

Media buying to ensure the right target audience is reached for the best returns. We leverage primarily Facebook/Instagram Ads, Tiktok Ads and Google Ads to bring your business maximum results.

Comprehensive reporting (within 2 clicks of a button!) on all campaigns to determine ROI and optimize performance.

Niels Michael - Icarus Advertising Founder


Founder, Managing Director

Meet the Founder

'Over the years I have worn many different hats working in Tokyo, Japan.

But I have decided that I will die doing what I love, and that is making clients a ton of money via paid advertising'

- Niels

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